Behind the Screams

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Founded in 1998, this event is the latest in a series of theatrical-style haunts beginning with The House of Fear and Dark Hollow Outdoor Haunted Attraction. They assisted in the launch of Sammamish's popular Nightmare at Beaver Lake, and directed a successful five-year run of Maple Valley's Dark Hollow Haunted Forest.

Team members include former Disneyland designers, makeup artists, stage managers, special event gurus and others with a collective love of haunting.


Sinister Pointe

Led by haunt master Jeff Schiefelbein and his extraordinary team, this special event company produces unique haunted attractions nationwide and beyond.

splogoAlong with the ongoing Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction in Brea, California, they produced the Winchester Mystery House's Fright Nights, Long Beach's Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, popular haunts based on the Silent Hill and Saw franchises, The Haunting, Realm of Darkness, Fear and Condemned. They also spearheaded the ground-breaking Horrorwood Haunted Theater at the Jenfusun Fancyworld amusement park in Taiwan, one of the first Western-style haunted attractions in Asia.

One of Sinister Pointe's unique approaches is its emphasis on audience interaction. Our Bloody Mary experience brings their unique skills to the Pacific Northwest for the first time.


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Much of the artwork related to this event comes from the multi-talented (and slightly twisted) artist and animator David Hartman - an Emmy Award-nominated director, producer, illustrator and character designer.

Hartman's animated directorial credits include TRANSFORMERS PRIME, My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, Astro Boy, Jackie Chan Adventures, the animated Godzilla and many more.

Hartman directed two music videos for rock musician Rob Zombie, served as a visual effects supervisor for the cult film Bubba Ho-Tep, an animator and vfx artist for the film John Dies at the End and production consultant for Showtime's Masters of Horror series. He is also an award-winning illustrator whose artwork graces numerous comic books, magazines and music albums covers.


ghoulA Volunteer Effort

A seasonal special event is much like community theater - it relies upon the talent of local actors, makeup artists, and other creative types.

Even better, this event strives to improve the community through supporting non-profit groups and local charities.

Scaring people AND serving the community? It's win/win!




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